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Edvard Grieg

Peer Gynt

Easy Arrangements for children's ensemble

Formation: Flexibles Ensemble (2 Instruments en do, Piano, et Violoncelle)
Formation opt.: Flexibles Ensemble (2 Instruments, Violoncelle, Piano, et Batterie)
Édition: Partition et parties
Compositeur: Edvard Grieg
Niveau de difficulté:
TVA comprise Hors expédition
disponible | sera expédié dans 1-2 jours ouvrables

Limite: Pièce

non disponible dans tous les pays.

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Aperçu en un coup d'œil:

Adaptateur: Barbara Dobretsberger
série: Children On Stage
maison d'édition: Universal Edition
N° de commande: UE30304
ISMN: 9790008040863
ISBN: 9783702460167
Parution: 28.02.1996
Poids: 180 g
Dimensions: 232x305 mm
Pages: 24


Clear the stage for the children! - Playing music together is fun! Good ensemble-playing, however, must be learned at an early age. This series has been designed to support those music teachers who want to develop the ensemble-playing skills of students at an early phase. Pieces have been carefully selected in order to appeal to young students and foster their enthusiasm for ensemble-playing. The arrangements are attractive and - since none of the parts are monotonous - provide incentive for students to practice at home. In order to accommodate individual needs, the arrangements allow a wide a variety of instruments. The first and second parts can be played by any number and combination of recorders, flutes and violins. The piano part has been kept at same technical level as the other instruments, allowing young pianist the same ensemble possibilities that are enjoyed by other instruments. Bassoon and/or cello and/or string bass can all play the bass voice. Finally, the percussion part has been kept simple enough so that all instrumentalists can take their turns at it. It has been our experience that the playing of new instruments enhances most students' musical enjoyment. Imaginative texts that link the musical numbers to each other have been included. They can be read between the individual pieces. In short, everything that is necessary for a successful performance has been included.

Table des matières:

In der Halle des Bergkönigs
Peer Gynts Heimkehr
Solveigs Lied

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