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Lorenzo Pusceddu


Formation: Orchestre à vents
Édition: Partition et parties
Compositeur: Lorenzo Pusceddu
Niveau de difficulté:
TVA comprise Hors expédition
disponible | sera expédié dans 1-2 semaines

Limite: Pièce

non disponible dans tous les pays.

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Aperçu en un coup d'œil:

maison d'édition: Scomegna Edizioni Musicali
N° de commande: SCO1446-18
Parution: 01.08.2019
Durée: 5:35 min


The composer, who founded the ?Campus Giovanile di Musica d'Insieme? held in Guarcino (Frosinone) and conducted the camp in all of its iterations, paid tribute to the achievement of the tenth-year anniversary of the event with the dedication of this piece. The titles of the three movements of the composition underline the most important aspects that have characterized the camp:
1. TENACITY: the characterizing elements of the camp are determination, perseverance, and a strong belief in the validity of the project;
2. TENDERLY: the relaxed atmosphere and the unity between the participants have made the camp a harbinger of friendships and significant human relationships;
3. TENDENCY: establishing of clear objectives and aspiration to improve are essential elements of the educational activities aimed at young people and their musical growth.

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