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Thiemo Kraas

Vita pro Musica

Fanfare & Hymnus

Formation: Orchestre à vents
Édition: Partition et parties
Compositeur: Thiemo Kraas
Niveau de difficulté:
TVA comprise Hors expédition
disponible | sera expédié dans 3-5 jours ouvrables

Limite: Pièce

non disponible dans tous les pays.

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Aperçu en un coup d'œil:

maison d'édition: Musikverlag Rundel
N° de commande: MVSR3425
Parution: 31.12.2016
Durée: 03:10 min


The composition 'Vita pro Musica', meaning 'a life for music', was written in winter of 2015 to celebrate the 60th birthday of Ernst Oestreicher, chief conductor of the Northern Bavarian Music Association, and director of the Northern Bavarian Youth Wind Band. Ernst Oestreicher wished for a festive work in the form of an opening fanfare combined with a lyrical hymn. The practical relevance was very important to him, so this compact piece should suit both concert and open-air performances. From that idea originated this composition, which is playable also for very small bands, thanks to a basic tutti concept, thoughtful ranges for various instruments and a well-conceived use of cues. Thus, 'Vita pro Musica' is a safe opening piece and offers the opportunity to present the whole orchestra as a unit. Ernst Oestreicher's special wish was a quote from the 'Frankenlied', so you can find the melodic motifs of the first line 'Wohlauf, die Luft geht frisch und rein' as a common element throughout the piece.

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