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The Sound Of Silence

performed by Disturbed for Symphonic Wind Band and Optional Rock Band

Formation: Orchestre à vents
Formation opt.: Orchestre à vents et Combo
Édition: Partition et parties
Compositeur: Paul Simon
Niveau de difficulté:
TVA comprise Hors expédition
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Limite: Pièce

non disponible dans tous les pays.

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Aperçu en un coup d'œil:

Interprète: Disturbed
Adaptateur: James L. Hosay
maison d'édition: Musikverlag Rundel
N° de commande: MVSR3342
Parution: 01.01.2018
Durée: 04:40 min
Poids: 656 g
Dimensions: 297x210 mm


'The Sound of Silence' is a song by the famous American folk rock duo 'Simon & Garfunkel'. It did not attract much attention when it first appeared on the album 'Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.' in 1964, but only one year later the revised single version was very successful all over the world. The use for the soundtrack of the movie 'The Graduate' in 1967 increased its fame and today 'The Sound of Silence' is regarded as one of the 500 best songs of all times and was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In 2015, the American band 'Disturbed' recorded a cover version of the famous song for their first album after a break of several years. Actually the band belongs to the genre of hard alternativ metal what made the choice of this soft song by Simon and Garfunkel even more striking. The rockers created a gloomy symphonic rock version that also took over the charts in Germany and Austria.

Composer and arranger James Hosay put the powerful cover by Disturbed into a sonorous concert band arrangement, presenting the symbiosis of symphonic and rocking sounds in a fantastic way. Thrill your audience with symphonic rock at its best!

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