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A Tutor For The Renaissance Lute

for the complete beginner to the advanced student

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N° de commande: ED12324
Langue: anglais
Parution: 31.08.1991
Poids: 553 g
Dimensions: 230x305 mm
Pages: 142

Table des matières:

The Instrument
Some practical advice on tuning
Holding the Lute
The right hand
The left hand
The diapasons
Italian tablature
The nexachord
Spanish music and the bihuela
More about Spanish music
The use of graces in Renaissance lute music
The performing of graces
Graces in English sources
Intabulations of polyphonic vocal music
The interpretation of signs in the French air de cour
The "half" barré
German tablature
Cifra nueva
The ten-course lute
List of Sources and Modern Editions

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