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Maynard Ferguson

Bossa Nova de Funk


Formation: Ensemble Jazz
Édition: Partition et parties
Compositeur: Willie Maiden
Niveau de difficulté:
TVA comprise Hors expédition
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Limite: Pièce

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Aperçu en un coup d'œil:

Interprète: Maynard Ferguson
Adaptateur: Bob Curnow
maison d'édition: Sierra Music Publications
N° de commande: SMP1299
Langue: anglais
Parution: 01.01.2020


Recorded on the 'The New Sound of Maynard Ferguson and his Orchestra 1964,' this is an edited version of the chart (instrumentation 5 saxophones, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, Piano, Guitar, Bass and Drums) as composed by one of the most creative writers in jazz history, Willie Maiden. This v. works very well. Curnow has taken Maynard's super-high lines and incorporated them into the chart so that there are no super-human concerns in that respect. There is also the Pro version available with original instrumentation. This piece has a great feel to it, moving through a lovely melody to solo space for many players and back to a cool, quiet ending. This one will make you and your audience want to dance. 5-4-4-4

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