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Robert Francis

Unbeaten Tracks (Oboe)

Formation: Hautbois
Édition: Partitions
Compositeur: Robert Francis
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Limite: Pièce

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maison d'édition: Faber Music
N° de commande: 0571523749
ISBN: 9780571523740
Parution: 31.12.2009
Poids: 197 g
Pages: 48


The Unbeaten Tracks series has made a profund mark on the music world, with its volumes of specially commissioned pieces for the intermediate-level player. Written by some of today's most talented composers, this collection offers a kaleidoscopic mix of attractive and innovative repertoire which are destined to become standard repertoire. There are also small 'Biopics' about each composer giving information about the their inspiration and intention for their piece, offering musicians a greater insight into the music. (Grades 4-7).

Table des matières:

Prairie Song
By Jingoes!
October Dance
Midnight Blue
At Bondi Beach
Wise Owl

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